Protect Your Most Valued Resource: Your Head - Understand the Type II Hard Hat

Protect Your Most Valued Resource: Your Head - Understand the Type II Hard Hat



 Your head is your most valuable asset, and it’s  important to protect it at all times with the correct type of head protection. OSHA and ANSI have set standards for head protection, and there are two categories of head protection: Type I and Type II. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of the "safety helmet" or Type II hard hat.

What Is a Type II Hard Hat?

A Type II hard hat, also known as the "Safety Helmet," is the next generation of workplace head protection. Both Type I and II hard hats provide approved job site head protection, but the Type II Safety Helmet offers superior technology, safety, and comfort features.


The Safety Helmet is designed with an external shell made of high-density polypropylene that provides high impact resistance without extra weight. It features a dual-density polystyrene interior to protect against crown impacts, as well as side impact protection. Additionally, it has an advanced LUX Suspension System—designed to fit secure and comfortable—and an oversized ratcheting fitment size adjustment that's easy to grip, even when wearing gloves.


Both comfort and safety are top priorities when it comes to hard hats—and with the Safety Helmet both are assured. Investing in a Safety Helmet is a great way to protect your most valuable resource: Your Head.

Benefits of Type II Hard Hats

The Type II hard hat provides extra protection by incorporating a Dual Density Liners– Complete TYPE 2 protection, with a polystyrene blended interior liner for optimal protection. It also has Channel Vents – Twelve (12) purposely designed ventilation system channels provide advanced airflow throughout the helmet for all-day comfort. Even the interior lining of the Type II hard hat is designed to keep you dry and cool with its Air-Mesh Liner Pads – Thermal regulating, anti-microbial fabrics wick away moisture and provides superior comfort.


The Type II Safety Helmet has been taken to the next level with LIFT Safety's RADIX, which features their four-point LUX Suspension system and even allows one to integrate an ARCLIGHT headlamp, LIFT hearing protection, and multiple other accessories. With this new generation of head protection in place, you can rest assured that your most valued resource is properly protected.

Why should I buy a Lift Type ll Hard Hat

The Lift Type II Safety Helmet is the perfect way to protect your most valued resource—your head. With over 35 years of experience in developing head protection products, LIFT Safety proudly introduces its new Type II Safety Helmet, the RADIX. This revolutionary helmet offers superior comfort and unparalleled protection, with innovative features such as a lightweight shell construction, integrated rear stabilizer straps, adjustable chin strap and comfortable EVA foam padding.


The RADIX was designed with safety in mind, with its reinforced shell that meets ANSI Z89.1–2014 Type II and CSA Z94.1–2015 Type II certifications—the highest ratings of workplace head protection available today. With this cutting-edge hard hat design, you can be sure you're receiving the best protection since its introduction in the 1960s.

ANSI and OSHA Regulations for Type II Hard Hats

When choosing head protection gear it's important to be aware of the ANSI and OSHA regulations. The traditional hard hat, known as "Type I," is comprised of a hard outer shell paired with an adjustable inner suspension system. Type I hard hats are typically offered in three configurations: Class G (General Use), Class E (Electrical), and Class C (Conductive), with each model OSHA-approved and meeting ANSI Z89.1 standards for Safety Classifications – ANSI Z89.1, Type II, Class E and C Certified.


Features That Make a Type II Hard Hat the Right Choice

If you're considering a Type II hard hat for your job site protection, then you know that these helmets come with added features that make them the perfect choice. From the Magnetic Chin Clasp to the patented Brim Grip, each feature has been designed with safety and all-day comfort in mind.


The Magnetic Chin Clasp is both secure and easy to release. It keeps your helmet firmly in place without making it difficult to take off when needed. The Oversized Adjustment Dial makes it easy to adjust the fitment even with gloves on, while the Patented Brim Grip provides a secure fit that won't slip off during the job. Finally, the unique design of Type II hard hats focuses on safety, performance, and all-day comfort – making it an ideal choice for any job site head protection needs.


Type II hard hats, also known as "safety helmets," are the next generation of head protection and are quickly becoming the new standard on job sites. Safety helmets are designed with an integrated four-point suspension system that protects against impact injuries. Thanks to this system, safety helmets provide superior impact protection compared to traditional hard hats. Safety helmets are available in a variety of colors and styles, and are compliant with OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

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