San Antonio Business Resources

San Antonio Business Resources: Hard Hat Real Estate

  1. Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC): The state agency responsible for regulating the real estate industry in Texas, including issuing licenses to real estate agents and enforcing rules and regulations.
  2. San Antonio Board of Realtors: A professional association for real estate agents in the San Antonio area, featuring resources for buyers and sellers, as well as educational opportunities for real estate professionals.
  3. San Antonio Business Journal: A local business news publication featuring articles on real estate and development in San Antonio.
  4. San Antonio Housing Authority: A public agency that provides affordable housing options for low-income residents in San Antonio.
  5. San Antonio Water System: The official website for the San Antonio Water System, featuring information on water and wastewater services.
  6. Bexar County Appraisal District: The agency responsible for determining the value of property in Bexar County (which includes San Antonio) for tax purposes.
  7. San Antonio Economic Development Foundation: An organization that works to attract and retain businesses in San Antonio, including those in the real estate industry.
  8. San Antonio Chamber of Commerce: A membership-based organization representing businesses in San Antonio, including those in the real estate industry.
  9. San Antonio Builders Association: A professional association for builders and developers in San Antonio, featuring resources for members and information on the local real estate market.
  10. Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts: The state agency responsible for collecting and disbursing tax revenues, as well as providing information and resources for businesses on tax-related issues.

  11. Texas Workforce Commission: The state agency responsible for overseeing workforce development and unemployment insurance in Texas. It also provides resources for businesses on hiring and employment issues.

  12. Texas Secretary of State: The state agency responsible for registering and regulating businesses in Texas, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. It also provides information on starting and operating a business in Texas.

  13. Texas Small Business Development Centers: A network of centers that provide assistance and resources to small businesses in Texas, including assistance with business planning, financial management, marketing, and other areas.

  14. Texas Economic Development Corporation: A non-profit organization that works to promote economic development and job creation in Texas. It provides information on business opportunities and resources for businesses in the state.

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