San Antonio Real Estate and Homes For Sale

San Antonio Real Estate and Homes For Sale

San Antonio Residential Real Estate Market 

As of June 2024, the San Antonio residential real estate market exhibits several key trends and dynamics:

Home Prices and Market Conditions

The median listing home price in San Antonio is around $300,000, with a median sold price of $292,600. Homes are generally selling for about 1% below the listing price, indicating a buyer's market where supply exceeds demand []. The average time homes stay on the market has increased, with properties typically spending about 53 days before being sold [].

Sales and Inventory

The market has a substantial number of homes for sale, with 13,323 active listings, indicating a wide range of options for buyers. Additionally, there are 4,256 homes available for rent []. In May 2024, 1,424 homes were sold, with 39% of these selling within 30 days, reflecting ongoing but moderated activity in the market [SABOR].

Neighborhood Insights

Popular neighborhoods in San Antonio include Stone Oak, Vance Jackson, and Denver Heights, known for their desirability and varied housing options []. Downtown San Antonio has the highest median listing prices, while more affordable options can be found in neighborhoods like Prospect Hill [].

Economic and Demographic Factors

San Antonio continues to experience population growth, bolstering demand for housing. The city's diverse economy, which includes significant contributions from the military, healthcare, logistics, and tech sectors, supports this growth [SABOR]. Despite higher mortgage rates, the market remains attractive due to the relative affordability compared to other major cities in Texas [SABOR].

Overall, while the San Antonio real estate market in June 2024 favors buyers slightly due to higher inventory levels and longer days on market, it remains stable and offers various opportunities for both buyers and sellers. For more detailed and up-to-date information, consulting local market reports and real estate professionals is recommended.

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