Is San Antonio Becoming a Buyer’s Market?

Is San Antonio Becoming a Buyer’s Market?

Is San Antonio Transitioning to a Buyer’s Market?

San Antonio's housing market is exhibiting several signs of transitioning toward a buyer's market in 2024. Key indicators include a slight decline in home prices, increased inventory, and longer time on the market.

Home Prices

The average home value in San Antonio has decreased by about 1.8% over the past year, aligning with the median sale price of $297,500 as of February 2024 (Redfin). Zillow forecasts a further decline of 2.1% by December 2024, suggesting continued softness in home prices (Hard Hat Real Estate, Zillow).

Increased Inventory

San Antonio has seen a notable increase in housing inventory. As of March 2024, there were 10,478 homes for sale, with 2,586 new listings added that month ( This increased supply provides more options for buyers, contributing to a shift in market dynamics.

Market Dynamics

The San Antonio housing market is currently leaning towards a buyer’s market. Homes are selling for about 1.01% below their asking prices, with the median listing price remaining flat at $300,000. The average time a home stays on the market has risen to 53 days, which favors buyers by giving them more negotiation leverage (Redfin,

Economic Factors

Despite strong job growth and a robust local economy, higher mortgage rates and abundant new construction have tempered home price growth, creating favorable conditions for buyers. The overall economic environment supports a balanced market but with a slight advantage for buyers due to the current inventory levels and price trends (

Regional Comparisons

Compared to other major Texas cities, San Antonio's market appears cooler. While Austin and Dallas show mixed trends, San Antonio's consistent price declines and increased inventory highlight its transition towards a buyer’s market (Redfin).

Future Projections

Experts suggest that the trend of a buyer-friendly market will continue, especially as mortgage rates stabilize later in 2024. This stabilization could bring more buyers into the market, but overall conditions are expected to remain favorable for those looking to purchase a home in San Antonio (Redfin).


San Antonio's housing market is transitioning into a buyer's market, characterized by declining home prices, increased inventory, and a slower pace of sales. Buyers currently have the upper hand with more options and better negotiating conditions, making 2024 an opportune time for purchasing a home in the city (Redfin,


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